Silent Discos

The Silent Disco has become a popular option to the traditional club night/private event where participants dance to music listened to on wireless headphones rather than using a speaker system. Those without the headphones hear no music, giving the effect of a full room singing and dancing to nothing.

The Silent Disco Has been utilised at most of Australia’s major music festivals where patrons joined long lines to experience the atmosphere of the Silent Disco, with this in mind we at Modish decided to go one step further. We are based in Ballarat but travel all over Australia and have up to 2000 sets of high quality headphones available to hire for private functions, Pub/Club nights or festivals. Contact us today to customise a package for your needs.

How It Works:

Our headphones run via a UHF/RF transmitter, with a range of up to 100 metres. The Signal is picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the participants.


The headphones have 3 channels so you get to choose what music style you would like to listen to with the flick of a switch; with exceptional sound quality, soft padding and a comfortable design the headsets also have their own volume control, with coloured light up display to show others what they you listening to.


The transmitters are lightweight and run off a 12v power supply and simple RCA input which plugs into most mixers, laptops (or even an iPod)

The Music You Want:

Along with the atmosphere of all participants having their own headphones, not everyone likes the same music, simply flick the channel selector and find the music you want. With 3 genres of music available to be run with the Disco’s, you can choose the music your guests will love. (We can also help select genres and music lists if required)


Don’t have a DJ for your disco? We at Modish have a list of DJ’s which will be perfect for your needs. With over 50 years combined experience we can choose the best DJ’s for your Night.


Are you looking for something unique for your next function without the worry of neighbours complaining about the noise? Gives you the choice of music, no noise complaints, state of the art technology, we do all the work leaving you to enjoy your night.

Extra Equipment:

We can supply systems from 20 to 2000 headphones for any occasion at any time. We can also supply state of the art DJ equipment, laptops, lighting, sound systems, lasers or even fully trained function staff to ensure your night is a successful one