Equipment Hire

Effects Lighting


Gobo Zoom LED 2.0 by CHAUVET DJ - $20 per day

Gobo Zoom LED 2.0 projects your message or custom image anywhere you want it. Powered by a 15-watt LED, we can add custom graphics for your special day

Cubix 2.0 by CHAUVET DJ - $15 per day

Cubix 2.0 is a multicolored, LED centerpiece that combines two effects in one fixture. Centrally-mounted LEDs produce multi-colored effects, while the quad-sided derby effect floods the dance floor with rotating, multi-colored beams


Beamz MultiTrix II - $15 per day

The MultriTrix with strobe is more than just an LED effect. It produces a wide array of 25 beams in 5 different colours and has 18 SMD LEDs fitted around the middle lens to product a strong strobe effect

Dekker by AMERICAN DJ - $15 per day

High energy DMX-512 LED effect that produces RGBW (red, green, blue & white) colored beams from 40 lenses, features one bright 8-watt RGBW LED allowing for a variety of bright color effects


Mega Moonflower LED by NUTEC - $15 per day

The Mega Moonflower is a high powered DJ stage light that features a massive 469 LED's. Features sound or auto mode which can be adjusted for strength

Multieye Mirrorball Effect LED by NUTEC - $15 per day

The multi-eye directional DJ LED light produces a stunning display of shooting beams. Features sound or auto mode.

Starball Magic Ball LED Effect - $15 per day

This light projects 34 sharp, powerful, brilliant white or RGB colour beams, which  slowly rotate around the walls, ceilings and floors, giving a wide  room coverage. The modern day mirror ball effect

Phantos LED Spider RGBW 8x10w - $30 per day

This is a unique lighting fixture with quick sweeping narrow beams combined with an 8-Zone LED chase


We have a selection of uplighting including LED bars, Battery powered LED lights and Par Cans. These can be customised to any colour amd for any venue. Call us for a quote

Data Projectors

We have the latest in Data projectors available for hire to suit any application. In addition we can supply both front and rear projection screens for any occasion. $50 per day for projector & screen